How do I invite my friends to play?

In the game's menu, go to the leaderboard and share you invite link. Then collect your reward in-game for every new player that downloads the game with your link!

How can I add friends who already play to the game?

To add friends to your leaderboard, you must both have your game connected to Facebook and you must be friends on Facebook. If you are friends on Facebook and do not see them, just contact our support for help!

? Cards

How do I attack?

Attack other kingdoms to gain coins, rolls and glory! Pull back on the slingshot and let go to send your attack peon flying! Time it right on the bullseye for extra power!


How to transfer my game to a new phone?

1. Ensure your game is connected to your Facebook account to save your progress 2. Download the game on your new phone and log in through Facebook 3. Your progress will automatically transfer If you have any trouble, please contact our support team!

How do I restore my kingdom?

In the building tab use your coins to purchase all of the buildings and fully restore them. Some kindoms have more buildings, be sure to scroll sideways to find them all! Fully restore your kingdom to unlock new kingdoms with amazing unique themes and prizes!

How do I roll? How do I auto-roll?

On the main screen, press the roll button to throw the dice. Press and hold the roll button to activate auto-roll.

How do I use a multiplier?

Dice Dreams Auto-Roll Select your multiplier before you roll. Each multiplier will that amount of rolls at a time and multiply your winnings. For example: x5 will use 5 rolls at a time. Collect more dice to unlock higher multipliers!

What are card levels?

Upgrading Cards Earn crowns to upgrade your ??? cards. Each upgrade increases the reward recieved from the card. Tap on a card to see its description, current level and current bonus.

What are crowns?

Earn crowns by building kingdoms and collecting unique stickers. Compete with your friends and rise up the global leaderboard for glory and fame!

What are coins?

Earn coins from dice rolls, attacks, steals, fights and events. Use them to restore your kingdom's buildings and buy sticker packs. Need more? Check out the store for deals and packages! Don't hoard them for too long though, coins can be stolen!

Where can I find my Player ID?

Your Player ID can be found by going to the menu --> settings.

Help! My building is burning! How do I fix it?

Oh no! It seems you have been attacked! Open the building tab and restore the building with coins. Collect shields to protect your buildings and your kingdom!

How do I save my progress?

Connect your game to Facebook to save your progress. You can also use the save to transfer your account to a new phone - just log in and continue playing!

What are Shields?

Shields protect your kingdom from attacks (not steals). Earn shields by rolling 3 shields on the dice. You can hold up to 3 shields at a time and one is used every time a player attacks you. If your shields are full, extra shields rolled will be returned to you as extra dice. Note: dice from shields rolled in free roll mode will be returned to your regual rolls.


How do I complete a set?

Collect at least one of each sticker in a set to complete the set and win a great reward! Didn't recieve your reward? Contact us!

What are Golden stickers?

Golden stickers are the rarest of the rare! They can only be traded during special golden sticker trading events and during those events only the golden stickers announced can be traded. Check out our official Facebook Page for news on upcoming events!

Game Issues

My rolls/coins/sticker dissapeared!

Oh no!! That pesky peon thief is at it again!! Our support police is on the hunt! Send us a message!